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Gulaab Gang, only on Zee Cinema

Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) is a woman living in Bundelkhand, where she runs a sanctuary for girls and women. She offers the young girls a chance at education, and teaches them how to read. She teaches the older women basic tasks to earn their livelihood, like grounding spices and weaving sarees. These women slowly become armed vigilantes who take up weapons to fight social injustices and corruption in society. Led by the fierce Rajjo and donning their trademark pink sarees, the feared group of women are called the "Gulaab Gang." The Gulaab Gang catches the attention of Sumitra Bagrecha (Juhi Chawla), a local politician with lofty ambitions. Sumitra then asks the Gulaab Gang to back her, to help fulfill her objectives. But when Rajjo finds that Sumitra is a cunning and ravenous woman, the Gulaab Gang turns against the politician and becomes her worst nightmare.