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Vikram and Aamir Khan: The Perfectionists of the Indian Film Industry

Vikram has taken Bollywood by storm with his brawny performances. The Tamil actor is fast proving to be a first-rate performer, yet another perfectionist who is mastering the art of method acting. His ability to seamlessly slip into the skin of his character and play it to the tee, has made him one bankable option!

Needless to say, Vikram and Aamir Khan are the two actors who can be considered the perfectionists of the Indian Film Industry, here’s why: 

Prepping up:

Vikram awed the audience with his act in Aparichit; and he was solely responsible to pique the audience curiosity with the different looks he sported in Shankar’s I. The actor lost oodles of weight and his state worried his friends and family. Reportedly, the actor lost 30 kgs for the film and because of losing excessive weight, the actor lost his resistance. He would often shiver hearing anything loud during the shoot of the film. Vikram underwent a rigorous training to lose his weight for two-and-a-half years! Compare him to Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, and you will see how very similar the two are! Aamir has beefed up for his next, Dangal and is also taking wrestling lessons. He had even lost considerable weight for his film, 3 Idiots.


Vikram sports four looks in I, each with an expert touch and finesse. Weta Digital, a New Zealand-based Academy award-winning studio known for its stunning VFX in Hollywood films like The Lord of the Rings, Rise of the Planet of Apes and the Dawn of the Planet of Apes, has done the make-up for Vikram in the film. Vikram will be seen in four different looks namely that of a body builder, a model, a beast and a hunchback. In Aparichit also Vikram had tried to don two different looks for a single film. Although, Aamir hasn’t tried something like this for a single film yet he has often been cautious about his looks. Every look he sported has turned out to be a worldwide trend, be it his Ghajini avatar or Mangal Pandey moustaches. He has been quite versatile with his looks and seems to be walking alongside Aamir Khan to the road to perfection.

Film Choices:

In films like Sethu, Deiva Thirumagal and now, I, where we see Vikram in a psychologically-traumatized character, we know that Vikram has always had a passion for craft. A theater professional, he has been very particular about his roles and films. Says the actor in an interview, “I have to be challenged as an actor. No amount of money can lure me into doing a film or character that I don’t want to do.” Aamir too has no different views. Aamir takes up one film a year so that he can do justice to the role. Aamir and Vikram, both give ample time to character preparation and are very meticulous at that.

Setting Benchmarks:

Much like Aamir, the films starring Vikram often set a benchmark for his contemporaries, and him, in particular. He may choose commercial cinema over Art films but these films often have an extraordinary touch. The films may be a run-of-the-mill love stores or dramas, yet they have a mystique element that will make it a Box Office King.

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