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Things That Make A Prabhu Deva Film Absolutely Unmissable!

When it comes to listing down the most stellar and multi-faceted celebrities in the film industry, Prabhu Deva cannot be a miss! From choreography to direction, the Dev has given us all. Be it Rowdy Rathore’s Chinta-Ta-Chita-Chita or Bezubaan Phir Se from ABCD: Anybody Can Dance - everything about these numbers is as thunderous as it could get.

Here is what we think Prabhu Deva manages to deliver with his every flick, every time:

Excellent Comic Timing

Prabhu Deva knows when to lighten the audiences’ mood and get them into the groove before another action scene shoots right through the screen!

Groovy Dance Numbers

Be it the peppy ‘Dhadang Dhadang’ from Rowdy Rathore, or the Gandi Baat’ from R… Rajkumar, Prabhu Deva knows how to set the chords right.

Stunts To Die For

When his heroes have got so much muscular strength in the waiting, why not put it to some good use? Be it saving the damsel-in-distress or the town under stress, Prabhu Deva’s heroes have got the adrenaline flowing, every time they see evil. And the result is excellently directed action scenes and a round of worthy applause.

The Damsel Who Knows How To Have Her Way

Prabhu Deva’s heroines aren’t the typical ones who need saving. They not only add the extra oomph to the story, but also know how to set things right. Who can forget Sara (Amy Jackson) fighting those goons all by herself while Raftaar (Akshay Kumar) has been pinned to the ground already (Singh is Bliing)?

Catchy Dialogues

From Salman’s commitment issues to Akshay Kumar’s warnings, Prabhu Deva’s script has it all covered!

Signature Dance Moves

There is not a single dancer in Bollywood who doesn’t admire Prabhu Deva’s amulet-dimensional talent. Directing or not, Prabhu Deva cannot miss on providing those signature dance moves which make those groovy numbers the chartbusters. Remember Shahid Kapoor in Gandi Baat? Or Varun Dhawan and Prabhu Deva bringing to us the happiest hours of our lives (ABCD 2)?

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