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Singh Is Bliing: How To Tell If A Film Has Punjabi Tadka

You cannot deny the fact that Bollywood would be a little incomplete without the Punjabi flavor in various films. Also, we cannot ignore that most of the legendary films have some Punjabi tadka to it like the famous Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge (DDLJ), Veer-Zaara, Jab We Met, etc. We thoroughly enjoy these little cliché things that tag along in these films. Now let’s take you through how you can tell if a film has Punjabi tadka right from its trailer.

1. Ecstatic? Despairing? Confused? One Patiala shot is the one solution to every situation.

2. Yo Yo Honey Singh – One Punjabi party song by him is a MUST!

3. Jazzy clothes, because plain clothes? Umm... I don’t know what you’re talking about!

4. Food, food and more food - Punjabis eat to live and live to eat!

5. Showing off their wealth with the fancy cars and Gucci, Prada bags, leaving everyone in awe.

6. The famous Punjabi lingo words like Sadda, Saanu, Pind have to be present in every sentence!


7. Can’t communicate without swearing, barabar naa?

8. There will be one cute, old Beeji who is the binding force of the family.

9. Dramatic, over-the-top Punjabi moms are an ever-present in most films.

10. The chatty and peppy Punjabi aunty who provides a whole lot of entertainment!

11. The typical accent and style of pronouncing words.


12. Characters have the most cliché names – Bunty, Happy, Babli, Guddi, Twinkle, Lucky, Jasmindar, Jassi, Pappu and more!

13. How can we forget the ganne and sarson ke khet?  The essence of Punjab!


14. A huge family full of fufas, chachis, aunties, bhabhis, bhaiyas and every relative imaginable.


15. And undoubtedly, the best action and dance sequences you’re going to find in Bollywood!

Goes without saying that if you’re from Punjab, then you sure know how to live your life to the fullest! So if their energetic and spirited way of life has charmed you out of your senses, then we bet that you’d love to see more!

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