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An Idiot's Guide To Wooing Women!

Do your pick up lines fail even before they set sail? Does your crush’s dress make you melt into a gooey mess? If you’ve got trouble wooing that one hot woman you’ve got your eyes on, we’re here to help! In this idiot’s guide to wooing a woman, we give you tips from our very own Akshay Kumar, right out of The Shaukeens, where he plays a mercurial superstar! Here’s how Akshay makes sure he’s always the center of every woman’s attention-

1) Play it sexy, play it cool. Walk in with confidence and make sure everyone in the room takes notice!

2) Party like a rockstar. Learn to pick up an instrument, dress with a swagger; basically everything to make yourself irresistible to her!

3) Don’t be shy to pull out those dance moves; show her that you’re a party animal through and through!

4) Every girl loves doing the cute, little things. Make sure you get lovey-dovey to show her how much she means to you!

5) Now jump out of that window of opportunity, and chase the girl of your dreams!

If you’d like to see more of Akshay’s womanizing secrets at work, you just can’t afford to miss The Shaukeens only on Zee Cinema!