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#Exclusive: 6 Quotes By Kay Kay Menon That Prove His Prowess As An Actor!

Kay Kay Menon comes from a rare crop of actors. His is a closer to reality kind of cinema and he suits the characters too. Whatever the character, he plays it to the tee. Recently, we caught up with the Rahasya actor as the film graces the Indian television after an arduous journey. “Injustice happens, it is a part of our country. It happened during Black Friday and it happens now with Rahasya. Inspite of keeping your best foot forward and trying to do everything properly, there are circumstances and there are people who try to halt your progress so that is one aspect which we all take it in our own stride.So it’s nothing new. The only major satisfaction is that now it’s reached the complete audience,” he said.

As proficient as he is in his work, he is also confident about the job done. “I normally don't have any expectations from anybody because I know it is a job well done. If it is appreciated then I thank God for good sense, but if it’s not then too bad for bad sense.” Although he sounds confident, Kay Kay had doubts about the film. “Half-way through [the film], I thought that the film will never release.”

But the efforts of the director paid off, “Manish had to really undergo a lot of trouble, perseverance and all that stuff to get this film released. We were not able to do a lot of PR and publicity and despite that the film ran for over 100 days which is seldom seen because nowadays it’s all a three day business. Now, we are taking the next step in which all the audiences have an opportunity to see the movie. So it’s a great satisfaction in that sense because it was an arduous journey.”

The actor was exuberant as he spoke about the film and his passion for acting. The more he spoke to us, the more he proved his mettle as an actor. Here’s presenting 6 quotes by Kay Kay Menon which prove his prowess as an actor:

I try to perform believably, I don't believe in realism and non-realism and all that kind of stuff because realism is quite boring. I believe in trying to perform in a believable way.

Preparations in the sense that there is no formula for it. My sense of preparation is simple yet very tough. I believe my script is my summum bonum of film so for me that script is it. So within the boundaries of the script I try to explore the depths and heights of whatever is there in the script. It requires a lot of pondering, it requires a lot of staying with the script. It requires not to be distracted by outside in the midst, influences and biases for example. So for me an Aarushi murder case or whatever case, its relevant, for me it’s the script. For me that script is the truth. I know this script is what is going to be seen on the screen, so there is no point in putting on my biases. As an actor I work on that precise thing, it is a very focused approach and it’s like the Aladdin's lamp, you keep rubbing it, it is a very boring and tedious process but suddenly you will get a form. So that's what I do. I keep the script with me tangibly and intangibly and automatically something strikes you, comes out of the blue. So I wait for those magical moments to happen even while performing. It is a simple process but it is a difficult process as well, especially in today's egoistically world (because) it is very difficult to surrender. So when the action happens I surrender. When you surrender completely only then will you allow magic to happen.

I don't play roles, I play people. Because roles are finite in nature. So it doesn't matter to be what the person's profession is, I am playing the person. Role you can play only in as much as you look the part. The ornamentation is required. If I play a military guy, a certain look has to be there, so a role is confined to only those ornamental aspects. Roles have no soul. So I play people, I don't play roles.

The point is, as they say in Classical music, you can sing in whatever scale you want to but the idea is not to go besur or out of tune. So as long as you have the calibre and the capacity you can sing at various scales... so long as you surrender your own ego and yourself completely, you will seem different as different people inspite of the same morphology and anatomy.

I am more of an impressionist actor. The major funda of impressionist acting is try and not to impress the camera, let the camera get impressed by you.

I don't think I have ever looked at luck per se, because there is actually no thing as luck. What you think is coincidence is also preordained but you didn't see it.

Watch Kay Kay Menon’s action-packed performance alongside Tisca Chopra and Ashish Vidyarthi in ‘Rahasya’ only on Zee Cinema, Octorber 2, 12 PM.

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